Friday, August 12, 2016

Grandma Day Camp 2016 Thursday

Today is TV day!!!  We will be doing challenges from some favorite shows...
First the flag ceremony and songs...

Project Runway:  Alternative Materials Challenge!! Each team had a plastic tablecloth, tissue paper, streamers, tape, glue, and whatever else they could find.
 Luke got forced to wear a streamer outfit.  He LOVED it!
And the 3 year old didn't like not being in charge!
Here's a video of the fashion show...
Look at me, learning how to do that!!  Tom gave each of them a dollar for winning!

Next, it was time to open our Chopped basket...

Chicken breast, not quite thawed, potatoes, carrots, apples, cornbread mix and marshmallows . Now cook lunch!

I didn't get a pic of each plate, but the kids had to figure out what to cook using those ingredients and they could add from the pantry. We had soup, stir fry, corn muffins with apples and marshmallows, cornbread smothered in honey, and I can't remember what else!  Very delicious!!

Then, Cup Cake Wars! Each team got a cake mix, a can of icing, and sprinkles, mini choc chips and mini M & M's. And what they could find in the pantry...
 The tie dye ones were made in Mandy's kitchen, and has a surprise inside.  The middle ones were mint Oreo cupcakes and were very gourmet ...they even had a mint leaf put on top for garnish. And the other end ones, were made to look like a watermelon-- pink cupcakes with mini chocolate chips in them and green icing.

When we got out of our sugar coma, it was time for HGTV!  Each team had a door to paint. 
As you can see, Malorie couldn't paint the way she wanted to, but her team just added it to their design.  The other two teams didn't finish their doors.  I couldn't blame them, it was waaay hot out there. 
We will definitely do this next year, maybe have a different chopped basket for another lunch.  And the HGTV project needs to be smaller.

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