Monday, June 24, 2013

MeeMaa Day Camp Day 3!

Day three was zoo day.  Flag ceremony, then  zoo.  We met up with all kinds of cousins, saw animals, rode the carousel, rode the train and ate Cheetos near where the cheetahs were supposed to be.  We always bring Cheetos just for that.  But the cheetahs were no where to be seen.

The pictures include cousins and in one my brother who happened to call and we held up the phone.  We always get one of the kids at the lion cub drinking fountain and one of Kallie and Jocie at the orangutans home-- the zoo has one orang named Jocie and one named Kallie, although they spell theirs differently.  Jocie was born right around the grandkid Jocie's birthday.  Yes, that is two animals named after Jocie.  Kind of...  We also got the crowd getting ready to ride the tram back from Africa, and talking of the Royals.  Shannon can be seen giving the Royals the thumbs up, because she loves them so.   
We got home and made the marshmallow catapults.  I think they ate as many as they used for the catapults.  They aren't the strongest of catapults, but they worked.  The only thing they could hit was a pregnant Shannon and then we put all the kids outside with all the marshmallows to use on each other.  Pampa ended up using the leaf blower to blow all the marshmallows out into the street so we wouldn’t get ants.  Then the first part of camp ended—two more days to come later.



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