Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grandma Day Camp 2017 Day 4

Cable TV Day!!
 We have the ever popular flag ceremony and then songs. Malorie's favorite this year is 'Little Sally Walker'.  As you can see, the other kids are just pretending that they are over the singing. Especially Jocie, who is 15.
 Project Runway: The teams split up and had an hour to ‘make it work’ with their thrift store finds. . They needed to make the outfits fit and do makeup for the fashion show.  

Team  Jocie , Abby , Will ... They had a sporting theme. Will had a karate outfit, Jocie was a MU fan and Abby is the 'mask-cot'. Fabulous!
Team   Reed , Addie, Luke ... They actually cut apart clothes and altered them. They got off the plane to Fantasy Island and Tattoo (Luke) greeted them. He had a size 8 suit which they cut down to fit a 2 year old. Addie got off the plane looking for a safari. She had to alter the outfir to fit her, and then Reed came looking for his biker gang. He cut a woman's 'leather' jacket to make a vest and boots from the sleeves. Then he added tattoos and was ready for the island!
Team  Kallie, Emmy , Malorie...  They were the Dirty Hippies and once again the pics are lacking.
We had Paul judge and he liked the Dirty Hippies. A win for Malorie! I had to get a pic of Abby with makeup by Jocie.  She looks so old.

Chopped: They had pork chops, either rice or pasta, pineapple, refrigerator biscuits,    And anything you could get out of the garden—basil, garlic, onions and tomatoes were popular. And you could raid the fridge and cabinets of the kitchen.

As you can see, as soon as Jocie wasn't looking, Will made his move to use the sharp knife to cut the pineapple...
 When we come together to eat, the teams have to present their food. There was pasta salad, pizza , stir fry, another pizza and some pineapple upside down biscuits... Delicious!  Last year we didn't have enuff food, this year we had a lot!

Cupcake Wars: Teams were given white cake mix, cream cheese icing and could choose all kinds of sprinkles, mini choc chips, mini M & Ms, and anything in the cabinets.  Some of the kids had been researching online to decide what kind of cupcakes they wanted to make, some went with whatever they had on hand. 

Malorie hated her team and wanted to be on a different team and wanted to be in charge and it was tv day and we didn’t even watch tv!  She calmed down by the time it was to ice the cupcakes, and all was well!
We ended up with cupcake whoopie pies, cream cheese cherry cupcakes and pistachio pudding cupcakes!  Deeelicious!

HGTV:  Paint Birdhouse…  We have a hodge podge of leftover paints and stiff paintbrushes and let the kids do what they wanted for the birdhouses.

 Lydia took her birdhouse and painted it at her other Grandma's. Kallie and Reed were too cool to paint theirs. Jocie was too cool to make one.

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