Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 2-- Tuesday!

Day 2 of Day Camp started at Kim’s house right after lunch.  We had a late day because we were going to watch goats get milked and they do that at 6 am and 6pm—and we didn’t want to start at 6am.  Anyway, we got underway, and went to another field trip to Excelsior Springs Mo.  Who knew it has 46 separate mineral springs?  We saw the water bottling plant—and the personal collections of Keith Bowen.  He has collected lots of eclectic items—something for each kid to remember.  We went to the Hall of Waters.
He led us on a tour—and a behind the scenes, also.  It was fab and we loved learning about the therapeutic baths and all and the people who came to ES  to use them—Harry S Truman and FDR among them. 

Back to Kimberly Park Farms to check out Kim’s chickens, swim and shoot guns—our version of a triathlon.  USA  USA!!

We also tried to origami it.  With less success than we would like.  The problem was that the kids that could origami were doing other things.

The food committee cooked dinner

and then we went off to see goats!  This family got goats because one of the kids-HA! wanted to have an animal, and the parents wanted the animal to be able to pay for itself!  They actually had a very hands on goat milking demo.  We learned all about keeping the goats and milking the goats, and ended the night with a cow milk and goat milk taste off.    


 Jocie—my favorite part was the goats—everything about them!  I wish I could have goats!!
Emmy—I liked swimming, the water and the goats!
Abby—Watching the milking of the goats…
Kallie—I liked the water!
Addie—Goats!! And we went to the best two houses ever!
Reed, Will and Brody wouldn’t be still long enough to answer…


  1. So smart to have a dinner committee!

    1. Not to worry-- dinner was hotdogs and beanies!! and cake mix cookies...YUM!