Thursday, June 20, 2013

MeeMaa Day Camp!!

Last week, I held MeeMaa Day Camp.  We- my sister and I hold this each year, but this year we are separate due to scheduling...Here is a link to last years'All of the 7—at the time—grandkids got to come.  The theme this year is Naturally Good.  I don’t know why, but it sounded good in Feb, when my sister and I started planning.  And we have already started next year’s planning. 



Anyway, the first day started with the flag ceremony and singing camp songs.  The songs seem to be a crowd pleaser!


Then we made the waterbottle holders, and cut out and put the faces on the Owie Kats. 
Owie Kats are cat shaped and rice filled.  Then you put them in the freezer or heat them when you get hurt.  Mental note, don't tell the kids about the freezing until they take them home, unless you want to try to freeze the whole house.  They need to check on them a lot.  And get hurt a lot... They have to dry before we can sew them. 

Then it becomes a blur—we made God’s Eyes and the lunch crew took orders and made English Muffin pizzas for lunch.  Each day there is a lunch crew and a snack crew.  The other crew does the flag ceremony. 
The lunch crew seems excited to get to work!!
We then sewed the kats.  everyone gets to sew... *Hint* hold the two year olds hands when sewing, they like to poke all the buttons...
Next, ran the obstacle course and the snack crew got to make the camp favorite of Poop on Ice—No-Bake Cookies on ice cream.  It was pretty good, but those that stirred theirs together didn’t like it as well.  But the name was fun to repeat over and over again.  Soon, with more singing and taking the flag down, camp was over…

P. S. Does anyone know how to get rid of that tiny pic?

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