Monday, November 3, 2014

Elsa, Elsa, Elsa…

After seeing Frozen, my 9 year old granddaughter made this pic of the dress she wanted me to sew her for Halloween.  

 It’s been on my fridge since then.  So, the end of September, I gathered her up and we went to JoAnn’s to purchase the fabric and pattern, Simplicity1233 .

She chose all of it—and decided to go with white organza for the sleeves and cape thing.  It looked so much better against skin than the blue… I also checked with the other grand girls to see if anyone else needed a dress, so I was making three of them.  And Addie wanted to modify the pattern to have sleeve wrist points and the cape to drag the floor.  *See her pic*
The pattern went together fairly easily, there doesn’t seem to be as many construction hints as in the regular patterns, so it helps if you know basic construction.  I find on costumes, that is usually the case.  When making more than one of each dress, I always mark each piece with the initial of the kid, so I don’t have to figure out by size which one goes with which.  This has the bonus benefit of marking right sides for the organza.  

 Md is for Maddie and Mk is for Makinley. When you sew one seam, then you do the same seam for all.  I decided to serge around the hem for the organza.  I bought those snowflake ornaments from Walmart  for the cape—they come 20 for about $2.00 and beats appliqueing each piece—that’s what the pattern wanted.

 I figure they can always be replaced for that price as they get torn up.  And they are so sparkly!  As I was sewing these dresses, I came to the realization that they were really gowns—Miss America would be proud to wear this!

I LOVE the way they turned out!