Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day Damp 2012 Monday

Day 1

We started with the news that our t-shirt idea wasn’t working… but with 8 grandkids looking at my sister and I, it’s time to start.  So first with the flag ceremony and pledge.  Then singing camp songs.  Each year we put together a book—always we leave out some songs—this year it was ‘Alice the Camel’ and ‘Little Bar of Soap’.  Everyone gets to choose a song—while I number the pages.  It’s the most fun to see the 2 year old go thru the pages like he can read so he can pick his song.  It’s an 18 page book! 

It’s time for the t-shirts!  Put cardboard in between the shirt. We have the front ready to silk screen and that went well.. Now to let that dry so they can be decorated!...

Up to start and decorate the water bottle holders. 
I used this blog, except burning the edges of the trim and sewing the ends.  With the kids help.  After they decorated the trim. 

Then off to hike around the temple.  Where we saw the hugest praying mantis!  Yikes. 
Kim wants to capture it for her garden.  Back to cook lunch with the kitchen help—Jocie and Emmy.  

We made pizza, carrot sticks, ranch, and brownies.  While the pizzas bake, the oven is putting put smoke like no other!!-the peach pie yesterday overflowed and now its burning.  YIKES!! 

After lunch,


finish decorating the shirts,


 bead animals,
 and it’s time for the obstacle course to get set up. 

 Then back to the garage for paper mache —this time volcanos. For 8 volcanos we used up 2 bags of flour mixed with water and 2 Sunday newspapers torn in strips. 

Back to use the obstacle course!  The kids look forward to it each year.  We played on it all afternoon. 

Then took to javelin throwing. 

Even the 2 year old.  And a Grandma…

We sing some more and it is time for the parents to come get these kids!!  We’re tired!! 

                                 Apparently there was some hazing sometime...


  1. "Day Damp" is wishful thinking. It didn't rain.

  2. So fun! How did you do the silk screening?

    1. My niece has the equiptment-- but the failure is that we didn't have thick enuff font!!