Friday, July 3, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015 Day 4 & 5

Thursday  June 25   
            FAMILY DAY
                  Zoo / Swimming / Whatever…
Day 5 Friday  June 26  BEYELER’S
5:30                 Set up camp
6:30-8:30         Shrek the Musical / Play (KHS)
8:30- Saturday morning     Camp out
 *Families need to bring what they need plus campfire snacks

Due to Temple day on thursday, we scheduled a family day.  It was too hot to go to the zoo, so the kids and moms went swimming and caught up on crafts.

Then we were scheduled to go to the play and camp out on friday.  It rained like a bugger on friday, so we went to the play on saturday nite.  Kim's grandkids were performers in "Shrek the Musical Jr." A grand time was had by all! The camp out never happened...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015 Day 3


9:00                 Opening
                                    Flag Ceremony
9:30                 MOUNTAIN MAN DAY
                        Tom Rogers
            *BRING MUD BOOTS*
·         Fire building
·         Knife throwing
·         Ax throwing
·         BB gun shooting
·         Stump pull
·         Colter Run
·         Camp fire lunch
·         Knot Tying
·         Jiffy Pop Snack

Flag - Reed, Kallie, Abby, Maddie, Makinley
Lunch - Tom, Brodie, Will, Patrick, Preston
                        Zach, Ty, Jake
                        Hot dogs, chips, dessert pockets

On  Mountain Man Day, we have more cousins come.  My brother Tom, does a Mountain Man thing for Boy Scouts in Texas.  He brings and buys the things that we need to do it here.

Knot tying. Kallie learned about different knots at Girls Camp, then researched it online and taught all of us different knots and where we would need them.  We need more practice...
Fire building.  In addition to learning about how to start a fire, the kids had to gather wood and cut it to size. We kept the saws under adult supervision.
We tried Jiffy Pop on the fire—it doesn’t work!
Then the Mountain Man stuff… Tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, BB gun shooting, and stump pulling.  The kids are divided into 4 groups and make the rotations.  

They practice each of the events, then the contest starts.  You put your strongest player in each event and compete.  The Trevor Beyeler group won by 1 second.  The Hair and Chair group came in second.   

Camp songs and then camp breaks. 

As we were leaving, we realized that we were missing some kids... They were found stuck in the quick-mud.  This is just two of them, there were 5 of them stuck, I think.

As we tell everyone.. Grandma Day Camp, You get what you pay for!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015 Day 2

9:00                 Opening
                                    Flag Ceremony
9:30-10:30      Whittling walking Sticks
10:30- 11:00    State String Art
11:00-12:00         Lunch
12:00-1:00       Cactus Pots
1:00-2:00         Mapping / Hike
        2:00- 3:00        Mini Monkey Bread
God’s eye, Pony beads
3:00- 3:30        Closing
                                            Flag Ceremony

Flag - Jocie, Emmy, Addie, Malorie
Lunch - Reed, Kallie, Abby, Maddie, Makinley
                        (Buddy Burner/Hobo oven)
                        Hamburgers, pork ‘n beans,
                        chips, turtles

Once again, we started with flag ceremony and camp songs…

 knife safety and whittling walking sticks..notice all the kids are spread out with their blood circle...

and playing with farm animals.

Lunch was cooking on Buddy Burners—always precarious—
and a new experiment—Turtle Brownies.  Don’t cook these on the Buddy burners next time—they burn the bottom by the time the tops are set.   Snack: Mini Monkey Bread.
  Crafts.. State String Art. The state was where they were born and the city is the heart. Brody is the only one who completed his-- and he decided to put the KC for the Royals!
Rock Painting
 Xena the snake joined us for fun
Songs... do we look tired yet?

The group... don't we look fierce?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015... Explorers!


                                                                           Day 1
                                                                 Here is the schedule:
                                                                     Monday, June 22   JURY’S
                                                                       9:00                  Opening
                                                                                                     Flag Ceremony
                                                                      9:30-10:00       Bike Decorating
                                                                   10:00-11:00        Bike Safety/Rodeo
                                                                   11:00-12:00        Lunch
                                                                  12:00-1:00           T-shirt Decorating
                                                                    1:00-2:00            Bucket Seats
                                                                                                     First Aid, Knife Safety
                                                                    2:00-3:00            Dream Catcher
                                                                                                     Paper Clip Jewelry 
                                                                    3:00-3:30            Closing
                                                                                                     Flag Ceremony
Flag- Brody, Will, Patrick, Preston, Reed 
Lunch- Jocie, Emmy, Addie, Malorie
                        Roll-ups, carrots, celery, chips
                        Snack- Poop on Ice:  No-bakes, ice-cream
We do a schedule every year, but stay flexible. The timing is always off and we change around the order of things, but try to at least start the projects. 

We have songbooks that we print up each year.  Each kid needs their own, even if they can't read, and we have to find the page number. If you can get songs with a 'bad' word here or there, so much the better!
A-Rootie-Choot ( I don't know how you spell it)
We had a bike rodeo because we had one a few years ago, and the kids wanted another one.  This involves streamers and the Middle School track… and getting one kid to learn to ride his bike!
Lunch was made by the lunch committee and the afternoon snack was the ever popular Poop on Ice. 

Crafting… Painting, Dream Catchers, Paperclip Jewelry...

 Decorating our camp buckets...
Pay no attention to Addie's face, I tell her that someday she's going to regret all the pics with that frown!
The theme this year is Explorers.  We use the theme for the basis of the t-shirts.  We planned on making a trail of small footprints on the back of the shirts in a trail, but the kids wanted to put their own footprints/feetprint? on the back of the shirt.
 Of course there were hijinks...
After the pics were taken, they turned the P in BPA to a R.  Now that's wild!

And we finished up with more camp songs.