Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015 Day 3


9:00                 Opening
                                    Flag Ceremony
9:30                 MOUNTAIN MAN DAY
                        Tom Rogers
            *BRING MUD BOOTS*
·         Fire building
·         Knife throwing
·         Ax throwing
·         BB gun shooting
·         Stump pull
·         Colter Run
·         Camp fire lunch
·         Knot Tying
·         Jiffy Pop Snack

Flag - Reed, Kallie, Abby, Maddie, Makinley
Lunch - Tom, Brodie, Will, Patrick, Preston
                        Zach, Ty, Jake
                        Hot dogs, chips, dessert pockets

On  Mountain Man Day, we have more cousins come.  My brother Tom, does a Mountain Man thing for Boy Scouts in Texas.  He brings and buys the things that we need to do it here.

Knot tying. Kallie learned about different knots at Girls Camp, then researched it online and taught all of us different knots and where we would need them.  We need more practice...
Fire building.  In addition to learning about how to start a fire, the kids had to gather wood and cut it to size. We kept the saws under adult supervision.
We tried Jiffy Pop on the fire—it doesn’t work!
Then the Mountain Man stuff… Tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, BB gun shooting, and stump pulling.  The kids are divided into 4 groups and make the rotations.  

They practice each of the events, then the contest starts.  You put your strongest player in each event and compete.  The Trevor Beyeler group won by 1 second.  The Hair and Chair group came in second.   

Camp songs and then camp breaks. 

As we were leaving, we realized that we were missing some kids... They were found stuck in the quick-mud.  This is just two of them, there were 5 of them stuck, I think.

As we tell everyone.. Grandma Day Camp, You get what you pay for!

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