Friday, July 3, 2015

Grandma Day Camp 2015 Day 4 & 5

Thursday  June 25   
            FAMILY DAY
                  Zoo / Swimming / Whatever…
Day 5 Friday  June 26  BEYELER’S
5:30                 Set up camp
6:30-8:30         Shrek the Musical / Play (KHS)
8:30- Saturday morning     Camp out
 *Families need to bring what they need plus campfire snacks

Due to Temple day on thursday, we scheduled a family day.  It was too hot to go to the zoo, so the kids and moms went swimming and caught up on crafts.

Then we were scheduled to go to the play and camp out on friday.  It rained like a bugger on friday, so we went to the play on saturday nite.  Kim's grandkids were performers in "Shrek the Musical Jr." A grand time was had by all! The camp out never happened...

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