Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Easter 2016 The Year of Linen

This year, we chose the patterns around McCall’s 7074 for the little girls and  Simplicity 1213 for the big girls. 

 Jocie saw a dress—I think it was a toddlers dress that she liked and everyone approved. I modified the little pattern by putting an extra stripe of fabric on the bottom, and the big girls by color blocking and striping the skirt.  EESH!! I don’t think I will be color blocking for a while.

When all was said and done, the dresses were too long by a stripe, so back to taking some off each color.  It seemed like I was in Ground hogs day and not getting anywhere with the sewing.  It took until the dresses were being hemmed before I liked them. The tops are lined.
Everyone choose their color—One family went with a Royals theme..
One with navy.. there will be gold belts and all—you know how it is when you run out of time.

Two separate fams went with green

I don’t know which is my fav. And I wish I had one…

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