Friday, July 11, 2014

Addie's Baptism Dress! and Matching AG Doll Dress!

I haven’t fallen of the face of the earth… I came to a halt in blogging, waiting for pics from Addie’s baptism dress.  She got baptized over a year ago… She wanted something with see thru sleeves and a full skirt.  The fabric went on sale and we took her to choose her own fabric.  She chose the see thru and the plain white then started acting like a fool and chose a pretty melon for the sash and none for a peek-a-boo ruffle.  When she got home and realized that she really wanted red sash and a red peek-a-boo ruffle.  Back to the store for the red…  I made up the pattern from different pics, her ideas and different patterns.        


She wanted a lace up back, and I have finally gotten how to do them easily.  In the center back, cut a wedge away—wider than where the zipper goes.  Make loops out of satin cording, I ended out putting a loop in every inch.  Then you need a triangle shaped liner that I just sew snaps on the top to hold it in. 

While doing this, I had to make up a collar.  She HATES the collar, but the dress screamed out for one.  The collar gets many compliments.  She doesn’t care.  I also love the sleeves.  She got baptized in Sept and they were just perfect.  All the little girls love the ruffled petticoat.  And it helps the dress have a good twirl. 


I had to add this pic—Addie and her cousin, Emmy played a song for her baptism.. Addie wore her mom’s baptism dress, which by the way had see thru fabric. 

Next comes the insanity of the American Girl doll dress!  With the lace up back and collar.  That tiny collar is the most time consuming…  At least the doll seems to like the collar.  The doll has a lace up back, I promise, but I have no pic of it…


FYI—the lace up back looks fabulous, but is a real pain to always have to lace up to put the dress on.  Think about if you had to lace up your shoes every time you put them on… something to remember.