Monday, August 19, 2013

Blessing Dress

I make each family a dress for the baby girls to get blessed in out of the mom’s wedding dress material.  (I made the wedding dresses…) Anyway, when it was time for Lydia’s dress, I got out her mom’s material only to find scraps of the lace…

YIKES!  I look online, and to buy more lace would be over $150 a yard, so right then, I decided to look closer at the scraps.  There was one larger piece and a bunch of smaller.

It turns out I have about 5 or 6 little Christening dress patterns, and the oldest one has a skirt that fits on the largest lace piece.  The newer patterns all use more fabric…interesting… Margie, Lydia’s mom, had one of the prettiest wedding dresses that I hamade—all lace, with a lace up detail on the back. The dress went together fairly easy, once I had it all cut out, except I hadn’t decided how to do the back.  In my head, I could figure out the pictures to show off the back, but do you really want to lace up the back of a dress for a baby?  I thought about making a mock lace up back, but didn’t like the way it looked, so on to a real lace up back.     
When I made the loops for the lace up part, I sewed satin cording to a water soluble stabilizer then cut them apart to use on each side of the back.  This is a much better way than how I did the wedding dress...


 Then on to sewing back the scallops to the bottom of the dress and adding the lace to the neckline and sleeves. The sash on the wedding dress was a bias cut sash, but I went with a double sided satin ribbon for the baby.  We found this flower button at JoAnn’s and liked how it looked on the dress.  Isn't she beautiful??
PS-- I am still having trouble with getting the pics the right size...

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