Friday, January 6, 2012


So the Adds—my 6 year old granddaughter-- came to me and said, “MeeMaa, I need my jeans patched.  Last time I wore them it was sooo cold that I had a tear coming out of my eye because of the hole in the knee.”  How pathetic was that!

This harkened me back to the days that I learned to patch jeans—I had a son that could take the knee out of jeans in two weeks.  I needed to know a quick and easy way to fix them.  Here’s how:

First, open the seam of the leg—in the seam that isn’t the flat fell one.  Yes, it will save loads of time to do it!  You will sew it back up at the end. 
(I didn't take pics-- but notice the new stitching on the side, that's where the seam was opened up...)

Then, you pick out the fabric of the patch—save some denim from other worn out jeans or pick out fun fabric.  Use the iron on wonder under and cut the patch.  If you have thin fabric for the front, put another layer of denim on the back.  I used to have all kinds of denim from the kids jeans, but I got rid of all of it, so Addie picked out the top layer and I scrounged up the back denim.  Iron on both sides.  If you have a boy, you will always put on double patches!  Sew around the edge of the patch.  As you can see, if I measured, the stitching would be better, but no one—except you will see the inside!  And I didn’t catch the inside patch well so I went around again!  Sew up the side seam and finish it either with a serger or zigzag stitch.  All done!! 

P.S. the model didn’t want to co–operate!, but she tries to wear them every day!

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