Friday, January 20, 2012


I finally got around to sewing the Christmas winter jammies for the kids.  I used to have have a fabric buying thing, where if it’s on sale, I need it desperately!  Anyway, my sister told me a couple of years ago that I couldn’t buy any more fabric—especially flannel, until I sewed my way out.  So I have been making the grandkids jammie pants each year.  After I cut out the seven pair of jammies, I talked to my daughter on the phone, and she asked if I had cut out dolly jammies?  Now you have to know, I love to sew, but hate to cut out.  Eesh, of course, on to cut out four doll jammies.

The thing to remember about sewing more than one of anything is to sew like you are in a sweatshop—chain the same seam together over and over again.  Here is part before I cut them apart. 
 Then press the same seam over and over again.  I don’t backstitch much, but am a fanatic about pressing!  Even the doll clothes. 

All done, and they are sooo soft and snuggly! 

And see—this crate is almost empty—I think I have one more year to go!