Saturday, June 22, 2013

MeeMaa Day Camp Day 2

Day two was farm day.  First with the flag, and songs.  Then on to Kim’s house to play with the goats—one of them is named after my granddaughter, Jocie, and the chickens.  Joc theGoat has the purple collar.  And yes, they walk the goats.

Only one egg was cracked in all the fun.  An improvement from last year...

We went to the park for the picnic lunch and walked a nature trail.  Sometime between the park and the trail, someone turned up the heat and we about died on the ½ hour we walked the trail.  Amazing how fast the heat can come on!

 We got home and painted picture frames and the boys made chocolate chip cookies for the snack.

It's tough when you are so tired that you have to lay down to eat your cookie!  And yes, my hubby makes the cookies that big all the time.
We ran out of time to do the obstacle course and marshmallow catapults.


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