Monday, July 31, 2017

Grandma Day Camp 2017 Day 5

Today, the grandmas have had all the electronics that we could stand, so in an effort to unplug these kids, I unhooked the cable and the internet coming into the home.
While I was downstairs helping with the pillow cases, Kim was upstairs helping with the beading… She took leave of her senses and ended up going to Walmart to buy more beads.  Now we have enuff for the next 3 years. And I guess we had a downpour. We heard nothing downstairs.
The kids from 8 and above sewed by themselves and then serged by them selves.  The little ones sat on laps or if you are 4, you stand to the side and stomp on the foot pedal.  This makes for an exciting time for the sewer.
 Malorie hated her pillowcase and did NOT like sparkly butterflies. Finally I got her to stomp the pedal to sew and sit on my lap to sew and by the afternoon, she LOVED it and didn't know what I was talking about! And she's going to come sew by herself!  Lydia is the one who perfected the stomping on the pedal, and she sewed her pillowcase when we went to Dallas to visit. And of course no pics.
Lunch: Sam’s Club  We went to Sam’s Club for lunch because Sonic had $.99 hot dogs, and I didn’t want to be in the car eating with all these bodies, so Sam’s hot dogs it is! And by hot dogs, they ordered anything they wanted.  Sam's was out of cheese for the pretzels-- and no they won't just go get it off the shelves. 

Beading, Paracord Bracelets:  By the last afternoon, the older girls wanted to nap with Luke, so Kim continued helping with the beading and the other kids made their paracord bracelets. When it goes down, they will be prepared… but the little guys only have a few feet of cord.  

Afternoon Snack:  Funnel Cakes!

Time to pack it all up and go home!  They only left one hat.  I consider it a success! 
Kim, probably Emmy, got these pics on the way home.

We have plans for next year… sewing shorts, going to the planetarium, Mountain Man, and of course the Cable TV Day… we have to come up with a better name for that day… 

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