Friday, July 28, 2017

Grandma Day Camp! 2017 Day 3

Zoo: In the heat of the morning, we went to the zoo… This shows you the shenanigans we go thru for a pic.
I have passes to let us ride all rides, so basically we rode our way thru the zoo.  We always have Cheetos when we get to the cheetahs, and made sure to have plenty of water. 
Lunch:  I think we had sandwich stuff, veggies, and chips. It’s a blur.  After lunch we threw in 'Earnest Goes to Camp', a crowd favorite...except Malorie-- She declared it to be a grownup movie. 

While the movie went on, we had teams going to the thrift store to prepare for tomorrows 'Project Runway'. No pics were taken. We split up the kids into 3 teams, and the challenge was to take $20 and get an outfit for each. We didn’t have a theme, but next year we will. And we will go shopping on the sale day.  

And finally the day ended so we could all go to the Royals game. Not a part of GDC, so barely worth a blip on the blog!

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