Monday, July 1, 2013

Easter Dresses

This is the Easter of black and white with a pop of color.  We started out with letting the girls pick out the print—except the 2 that don’t live here, but everyone got to decide on the pop of color.
The pattern was to be this Project Runway Simplicity Pattern.  Looks good enough, right?  Not so much…the pattern comes in a size that fits the oldest 2—size 10.  Then there are the middle 2—size 5s, and a toddler—size 2.  The smallest the pattern comes in is a size 8.  Anyway, on to measure all the girls, because part of making them clothes, is making sure they fit.  Side note:  the kids really don’t grow around too much, they just grow taller.  At least this group does. 
Doesn't everyone throw the scraps on the floor as the pattern gets cut out?  You should see the floor as I sew...
 The oldest 2 dresses go together pretty easy.   I made a change to put an exposed zipper in the back, and ¾ sleeves.  Easter is early and it’s still cold.  Now what to do with the middles???  And I’m not going to think of making the little yet.  I get a pattern that is a straighter dress in the right size, but have to figure out how to do the pocket, and even where to place the pocket.  Then, to do the same with a baby size.  YIKES!!  Then one middle and the toddler are in Alabama, and need short sleeves.  It’s already hot there.  We went to visit them for spring break.  I took my machine and could actually try the dresses on them, instead of hoping that it fits.  Well, it took at least 2 adults to get the toddler to try on the dress, and a lot of running and squawking.  The dresses even got finished before Easter and they turned out real cute.  I decided to put the doll dresses off to do later due to my serger croaking…
Here are the dresses- each family has their own pop of color, and the girls LOVE the pockets.. 
Looking at a frog-- see the zippers?

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