Monday, July 22, 2013

Girls Maxi Dress & American Girl Doll Dress!

 Jocie can sew!! This summer I decided that it is time for the grand girls to really learn to sew.  First they all sewed jammie pants and doll jammie pants.  Using a pattern and marking the notches and all.  The doll pants are harder—the hems and all are smaller.  Then, the 11 year old decided that she wanted sew a maxi dress.  She sketched out what she wanted,   

 and we went to buy fabric.  At the third store, we found her fabric.  She wanted fun stripes (Chevron) and a braid for the tie.  She was so funny- I kept telling her to keep her options open, maybe she would change her mind, etc., but she would look at the fabric- “no, my mom would wear that”… “no, that looks like someone else”… Just as she was about to settle on little chevron stripes, she found it.  

We had to half way make up the pattern.  I had an old pattern that went to a size 6 and Jocie is a size 10.  So we fixed up the pattern, and pinned it on, then she cut it out.  She sewed it, serged it and learned to press  it.  She could do the casing because she learned to make one with the jammie pants. 
The doll dress came next, and went together much faster—we didn’t have to think how to make it.  Doll dresses take almost as much time as big clothes, just the seams are shorter. 

Look how cute they turned out!
She likes them so well, she wears it daily!
 And once again I can't make the pics the size I want, and there is a little phantom one behind one of them!

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