Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation Gifts

Once again I forgot to take a pic of the completed project.  Or any of the steps in between… But, I misspelled one of the names, so now I get to share!  This year, we have a slew of graduates --nine-- at church.  I decided to make them monogrammed bath towels to take off to college.  But, I’m not that fancy, so I put their name on the towel.  Since there were nine, it was pretty good that there were two Emily’s and two Brandon’s.  Easy enough—not really, I don’t use the embroidery part of my machine often enough to be good at it.  But I remembered from my class, to use stabilizer on the top of the towel so the names don’t sink into the terrycloth.  That's my big hint!  So here is the wrong Brandon and the right one.  All finished, again!  Oh, and I forgot that I used all white towels originally! 


  1. It is a free download from Five Star Fonts-- when enuff people liked their facebook. Like them then go to free downloads!!/FiveStarFonts.embroidery