Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Grandma Day Camp 2016 Wednesday

We always start out with a flag ceremony and camp songs. Then today, we had a field trip! We went to Crown Center to eat at Fritz's, ride the street cars, and play at Kaleidoscope. 

At Fritz's they bring your food on a train. It's hamburgers and all, but they have train tracks around the top of the restaurant and load it up with your food.  The kids love it! Kate told us to get there early-- we were there right around 11:00 am, and by 11:15 there was a line. 

Kansas City just got a street car, so we had to ride it. We got on at Union Station, and road completely around to exit there, also.

Then we went to Kaleidoscope. Hallmark puts it on, and the price is!  THe Kaleidoscope pics are dark because it's dark in there. The kids get to do all kinds of art projects. Even the big kids enjoyed it.
We came out of Kaleidoscope to find that Tom had put Luke to sleep...resting his head on two diapers... You know our motto... Grandma Day Camp..You get what you pay for...After Kaleidoscope, we needed to pose for the group pic...
We got home to do another craft.. Magazine art. You cut the magazine pages in half, then roll them up and glue, then make your name on the canvas.  Insert joke about teaching the kids to roll their own...

And they got out board games.. next year we need to schedule time for that..
Thanks to the Kesler's for introducing us to Blokus years ago...  Now it's time to go home, Grandma's are tired..

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