Monday, August 8, 2016

Grandma Day Camp 2016 Tuesday

On Tuesday, we had the flag ceremony and the parade of countries.


Then we went on a nature hike and Kim has a map of her property. The kids have to map certain landmarks and pick any flowers that they see. The hike was taken on the mules, mixed with hiking.

They then had to look up and find all the names of the flora...
While whittling starts, lunch gets cooked. We used the buddy burners, but I think this is the last year.  It takes forever and I have lost my zest.  As you can see, the kitchen crew take their job seriously. 
 For afternoon snack, we had brownie waffle failure. It was supposed to be brownies cooked in a waffle iron-- they did this last year and it turned out great-- so Jocie just put the brownies in a pan to cook.  Brownie Failure turned out delicious!

Crafting paracord bracelets took place during nap time, and every other minute.
We had to go thru miles of the paracord. And had to send out for more.
After naps, string art was going on.  At least it was Kim out in the garage.
Kallie chose to burn her walking stick.

Jocie chose to paint her string art board...

This is the real life of a 3 year old...absolutely fit throwing because she doesn't want to sing...... Complete joy with her string art!

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