Saturday, August 13, 2016

Grandma Day Camp 2016 Friday

So, I haven't posted any pics from the flag ceremonies and song time.  I came across these gems...
And of course, Xena the snake came up for day camp. She always comes on vacation with Tom in the summer. She was one of the mapping stops from the other day. And, we have extras for the Friday fun-- we need their parents to help run things..
Then, with their map knowledge, Tom had a treasure hunt for the kids. Everyone had to be there for the reading of the clues.

Next was the thing all the kids were waiting to do... Making knives!  Tom brought some knife blanks, then the kids had to draw the shape that they wanted for their knife, transfer that to the blade, choose the handle, and go out in the shop to cut it out.  Only those older than 13 got to cut their own, unless they had help.

At the end, you have to glue the blade into the handle and hold it forever-- really a few minutes.

 Those who looked at all the sparks and said 'uhhh, no'  finished up their doors from yesterday. They also helped with lunch. Well, Malorie did.

When the knives got finished it was time to go down to the campsite. There they had the knife throwing, hatchet throwing and we couldn't find the BB guns.  I really don't know if they found the throwing knives or hatchets...

They set up their tents and got the fire going for the foil dinners.
This is the most fun, taking kids to the bathroom and back. 
MMmmmm, s'mores...  And I got to go home and not campout!  Another year over and successful with no fatalities.

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