Monday, March 12, 2012

Yippee! A T-Shirt Quilt!

My daughter in law gave me her old t-shirts about 3 years ago so I could make her a t-shirt quilt. I finally got around to it for her birthday. I have made four of them and have improved—here’s how I do it now. (that’s what she said.) Anyway, find the largest pic on a shirt.
Then add one inch on each side.

This is how wide to cut all of the shirts.  I use my handy dandy rotary cutter and rulers.  I also use that blue tape to mark my cutting board so I don’t have to measure and think.     

It’s not an exact science—they’re t-shirts for heavens’ sake! Then I just cut one inch longer than the top and bottom—just whatever size the pic is. 

I then line the shirts up—in rows, top to bottom, trying to not get the same color together.  Take a break, take a pic, then look at it again to see if you like the arrangement.  Try to balance up the bottom to be the same. 

Then sew the shirts. I serged mine, but this is the first one that I serged. This is where the pic comes in—I always get the shirts out of order, and have to refer to the pic. Then I sew the rows.

  This quilt, I used no batting, but used a fleece throw for the back. My dil loves zebra, so zebra it is! I machined tied the front and back. It is sooo nice, comfy and warm!

Mar all hunkered under the quilt!!

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