Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Sooo, what makes the whole blog disappear?  I was almost finished, and it went blank!
Anyway, I'm still waiting on a pic to share my last project, so on to something else!

My granddaughter had her ninth birthday, and pinned her cake to her Mom's Pinterest.  Doesn't it look delish?Pinned ImageMy  beef with Pinterest is that it doesn't lead me directly to the recipe.  Anyway I googled it and found the recipe.  ***Ha, I saved it so it can't leave!*** 
The recipe was easy enough, but we were disappointed in the whole cheesecake.  It's like when you go to a restaurant and the desserts look so good, but taste just average!  Here's what mine looked like..
Fabulous looking!  If I make it again, I would use half of the crust, and maybe more filling. Here is a pic of the birthday girl with her mom.
The doll had an accident that resulted with a broken leg, arm, finger and a wrapped elbow.  It's always fun!

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  1. and your making one when we come visit...right?! yummmmmm!