Monday, November 21, 2011


OK, it’s time to embrace this blogging thing, I guess.  I will start putting on here the other things I have sewn that I have pics of…
One of the things is this handbag that I made. I just had to have this Daisy Janie fabric.

I love it .  La La La!!!
After I purchased it from Bon Bon Atelier  what to do with it???  A purse!  I know I already called it a handbag—someone told me that purse is low rent, but handbag is more classy…
Then I perused the internet and didn’t quite find what I wanted. SO I had to make do—and make it up. I needed the pockets on one side to hold cell phone, pens, and glasses.
On the other side, I put in my first zippered pocket.  I wish it looked better and that I made the pocket bigger.  Oh well, live and learn. Is there any project that turns out exactly how you want it? The small one is just right for my  credit card wallet thingie...

                    Don't forget to make a  clip for those small cards or keys!

Once I got the purse done, what should the straps be?  I know, maybe I should have thought of that earlier!  Just braid some material and thread it thru some grommets and hope for the best!  It’s been 5 months now and I still love that material!!

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  1. Ummmm, where do I order??!! I LOVE this, was it done when I was there? You never cease to amaze me-it looks fabulous!