Monday, February 4, 2013

Old Office Chair Re-do

I have wanted to update my sewing chair forever.  I never saw some fabric worthy of the change, until I saw this.  Got it at the Goodwill Store.  More about that here.  Anyway, I went and came out $6 poorer, but I now owned about 2 yards of this dec fabric, various mesh sports clothes to cut up for American girl doll sport clothes, an Ann Taylor Loft coat, and a dump truck.   Anyway, back to the chair.  I have just a cheap office chair with black plastic arms and legs.  After looking at the fabric with no light on, I thought there was red on it.  So I painted the plastic red.  Upon further inspection, it was a dark pink, so back to the store for a new color.  Telling this is way too fast.  With our wacky weather, you can paint one day, then it’s way too cold for the next few days, then finally warm enough to paint again with the pink color.  Then you just cover the old upholstery with the new fabric, tucking in firmly.  The bottom chair, I stapled the fabric around the bottom.  I LOVE my new chair! 



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    1. I have wanted to do mine since seeing yours-- but never saw fabric-- and I guess that was before Pinterest, because it wasn't on any board.

  2. Love the fabric! You did an awesome job, it looks so cute!

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    1. Thanks, its been almost a year and I still love it!