Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hippoty Hop! Easter's on the Way!!

It’s time for the sewing of the Easter dresses!!  I have five granddaughters… I was raised matching on Easter and raised my daughters the same.  We love the matchy matchy!  This year, we decided lace was the theme.  It’s hard finding lace that didn’t scream tablecloth, but settled on this black lace from Hancock Fabrics.  I didn’t necessarily think we wanted black, but white is too Bridal and the other colors not right.  Then the girls got to choose   I choose their color for the underneath—
not to match last years color of skirt.  I decided on the patterns, figuring that the older girls were 10 and didn’t need a baby dress, and the younger got a younger looking dress.  I used McCalls patterns.The older girls and the
 younger girls  All finished and ready to hunt eggs! 

And the girls kind of working it out by the Easter Chick. 

I still have to finish my daughters skirts, and start the DILs skirts!!

And I went ahead and bought me a dress—from a hospital gift shop!  I figure maxi dresses have been out for a few years, so I’m almost in fashion!!?!

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