Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kids Gingerbreads

After I cut out my gingerbread house, I also cut out four smaller basic ones for the grandkids to decorate. I just made up the pattern, and I hope next year I will remember to make it a bit smaller. I always run out of gingerbread before I get them all cut out, so one roof is actually cardboard. But, what are you going to do?

I try to be organized, so of course we had extra people over for dinner, then as soon as they left, it was time to cut the cardboard for the base. Then the 11 year old and I got all the houses with the houses standing, and call in the other three kids. While they yip about and start to grab candy, we just have at it. They decorate, and they always have more fun doing the yard, than the house.

 Here are the finished products. Toward the end of decorating and snacking on candy and frosting, make sure you have pretzels to eat—you need the salt!
Mmmmmm, they smell so good!! 

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