Monday, December 19, 2011

Glitter Lights

O.K., I’m new to the blog world and can’t remember to take pics while things are going on.   But I have learned that phone pics aren’t good and even my old point and shoot camera beats the quality.  On to the project!

I always look at my niece’s blog-- Sugar Bee Crafts--  and especially on Tuesdays when there is a party—which I actually joined in on with the gingerbread house—and check out what’s being done.  (I type like I talk—all run on sentences and lot’s of bad English—oh well!)  I loved these glitter lights!  Maybe I should class them up by calling them 'vintage', but we were just using them a few years ago.   
Now that we no longer use them, it was time to do something with the bulbs. And really old Mod Podge—it has a price sticker! And glitter and my Martha Stewart little ball glitter,Metallic glass Microbeads. I’ve been waiting to use it! 

This is with the little beads...
Anyway, my 6 year old granddaughter was the only one to want to do this at first. She LOVED the glitter and little balls! I got busy cooking the Sunday dinner, and she went to work. Imagine a kid turned loose with glue, a paint brush and glitter. If I were doing them, I would choose just one or two glitter colors, but she loved mixing it all. My only rule was that each glitter got their own paper plate to sprinkle over so I could put the extra back.                                         

Here is the finished product—minus the ones that got taken to the teachers for a Christmas gift. 
They will get wire twisted around them to hang on the tree, when I'm done with this blog!

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