Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Canning!

One day my hubby came home from work with some peaches and blackberries.  He doesn’t work in the grocery business—he’s a property manager.  One of the neighbors that live in the apartment next to where he has been working gave them to him.  What to do, what to do… make Peach Jam!  After peeling the peaches—their skin came right off using the boiling water to ice water method, then I chopped them up. 
I’m always looking for a shortcut, so I chopped them with my pastry cutter.  I also cut eggs that way. 

 It turns out that you aren’t supposed to make double batches, so after two batches; I decided to just can the rest. 

Then, on to the blackberries.  We don’t like the seeds in jam, so I got out my handy dandy food thing—I’ve owned it for years, and haven’t used it but a few times.  Jocie, Kallie and Addie popped over, so I told them to be pioneer children and get to work.  We made four pints of the blackberry jam.  Both are very yummy—I’ve had pb &j sandwiches two days in a row with the new jam!!  On the down side, I’ve got man hands…..


  1. Short cut is using the blender to just leave a few chunks of fruit. So far we have made blackberry, blueberry and strawberry jams and blueberry and strawberry sauces.(kind of like syrup only not clear)